Molly Drug

Am I Addicted To Molly?

Similar to other kinds of addiction, when you’re dependent on Molly, you cannot determine that you’re already hooked on it. You tend to justify your actions and see that there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing. Considering this, it’s always best that self-awareness is your first step towards recovery. You can gain self-awareness by either

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In the simplest sense, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a treatment method that uses conversation in changing your mentality and behavior when facing problems. If you’re suffering from depression or anxiety disorder, then CBT is a good treatment plan for you. Likewise, you must avail this therapy from a licensed psychotherapist. What Is the Core

Dual Diagnosis

What Is Dual Diagnosis

Substance use disorder sometimes does not afflict you by itself. You may have co-occurring mental health conditions alongside a substance addiction. For example, you could be both addicted to alcohol and be clinically diagnosed with depression. This is known as a dual diagnosis. Substance abuse can and does lead to mental health issues. Other times,

Inpatient Rehab

Is Inpatient Rehab Considered Acute Care?

What is acute care? Acute care refers to short-term medical treatments, like those for sudden injuries or illnesses. Examples of these are trips to the emergency room, minor surgeries for injuries, or medications for temporary pain. Intensive care units are also considered acute care, as patients only stay for relatively short times in ICUs. Basically,