Heroin Rehab

Symptoms I Need Heroin Rehab

Deciding if you need to go into rehab is challenging for anyone. Are you honest enough to assess yourself and see if you need medical help? Are you willing to embrace your weakness and know that you need to undergo treatment? These are initial questions you need to answer before you can consider that you are willing to go into treatment.

Besides that, it’s also best that you know what are the symptoms of Heroin addiction so that you can better tell that you are under the influence of a substance. When you’re educated, you are more empowered to overcome addiction, and with the help of formal treatment, you have a better way of getting sober.

How do you know if you need Rehab?

Catching the early signs of Heroin addiction is challenging, especially if you have no one else looking after you. Many people need to go to rehab, however, they were not able to do so, because they did not know the signs of addiction.

Knowing you need to undergo formal treatment at the early stages of addiction is important to avoid letting it reach chronic stages. The best way to do that is to be evaluated by a doctor or addiction recovery specialist.

What are the signs that you need to undergo Rehab?

Know yourself, that’s the golden rule so that you can tell if you’re still acting like yourself or not. If you’re already acting weird due to substance abuse, then you could be right. For you to determine if you’re right or wrong, you need to seek medical advice from a doctor.

In addition, here are some obvious signs that you need medical care to recover from Heroin abuse:

You prioritize your cravings

A primary sign that you are under the influence of the drug is when you prioritize your cravings above other things. It troubles you all the time when you cannot consume heroin in a day. You feel weary and tired knowing that you haven’t taken the drug even for a day.

Tolerance and dependence are the first steps toward addiction. When you let this linger for quite some time, your tolerance grows higher and higher. Your dosage of the drug goes higher as well until it comes to a point where you can no longer control it.

Heroin Rehab

Your overall health is deteriorating

Abusing heroin or any kind of substance can inflict a myriad of health consequences. The longer you abuse your body by overdosing on heroin, the more dangerous the health side effects it does on your mind and body.

Addiction can damage the various organs of your body. It can hamper the normal functioning of your organs. There are times that it can also lead to cancer since the hormones of your body are altered.

Heroin addiction can also do damage to your brain. It can be temporary or permanent, depending on how intense your addiction is. Heroin can alter the chemicals in your brain. It can depress your central nervous system, and make your mood erratic. Consequently, people who abuse this drug develop mental disorders in the later stage of their addiction journey.

In contrast, there are times when a person has an existing mental disorder before he starts to use heroin. Upon doing that, the existing mental problem is worsened since heroin can distort the balance of chemicals in the brain.

Your tolerance is higher, you take in more to feel the effects

The first time you take the drug, you feel the effects instantly. But as you continue to use heroin for a couple of months, you will notice that you consume more and more to feel the effects. This is a strong sign that you have gained a tolerance for the drug. Also, a strong sign that you need a rehab program to help you recover from addiction.

You use heroin along with other illicit substances

Your tolerance for heroin gets higher as you continue to abuse the substance. Besides taking in more, if you try to explore using other illicit substances to help you reach euphoria faster to euphoria, then that’s a strong sign of addiction. This also calls for intervention and formal treatment since your Heroin addiction is strong.

You have financial problems due to Heroin abuse

When you’re addicted to a drug, you will always find a way to have a constant supply of it. You will do that even if it will put your monthly financials at stake. You spend more money on drugs rather than buying the essentials of your family. This can bring a problem to your finances. When this happens, you need to consult a doctor and decide to enroll in rehab. They can help you retrain yourself to resist cravings and get sober for life.

Heroin Rehab

You have many unsuccessful attempts at quitting

Addiction is strong, especially if you don’t have external help. Most people who have chronic substance use disorder can no longer think well, so even if they try to quit, they will be unsuccessful. Their attachment to the drug is strong, they can no longer deny it from their system. They feel weak when they cannot take the substance even for a day.

Cold turkey on heroin is also not advisable since that can pose life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. What’s best is for you to gradually taper from consuming the substance while undergoing detox and medication. This must be done systematically and slowly, otherwise, a sudden change in your system can cause painful withdrawal symptoms.

Seek Help Today

We understand that you have anxieties about rehab, and if you need it. What you can do is get assessed by a doctor or addiction recovery specialist for you to know your current condition. If the result says you need rehab, the next step is to embrace your weakness and realize that you are not alone in overcoming this trial. You can always lean on professionals who have the experience and technology to help you recover from substance use disorder.